**I’m not going to tip-toe around this issue. I’m going to be blunt and honest, so just keep that in mind. If after reading this post, you would like to talk to me about this issue, please let me know. This issue needs to be talked about!**

What an appropriate topic, since this is the topic that is at the forefront of my (and most of the country’s) mind right now. There isn’t much else right now that will get me more upset or fired up than the treatment of GLBT people in our country (or our world).

I’ll come out and say my stance and then go from there: I PROUDLY, AND UNASHAMEDLY, SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE.

It makes absolutely no sense to me when people state their opposition to it. I used to be more understanding in the sense of “as long as they have done their own “research” and have come to some sort of conclusion based on it, I can respect their standpoint.” I’m no longer there. I can no longer understand anyone’s opposition. Because any argument against it sounds and looks like homophobia. Just because someone is different than you is not a reason to treat them poorly or encourage (and pass laws allowing) the discrimination of GLBT people– whether anti-gay marriage, saying bullying of GLBT people is okay (and even sanctioned by the Bible), etc. I’ve never been this grounded in my viewpoint in regards to a controversial issue before. Usually I’ll sit quietly by and just let everyone have their opinion, but not with this. Not when so many people are being so blatantly discriminated against and hated.

Religious reasons are not a good enough reason to be against gay marriage. If people actually read the context of the three “mentions” of homosexuality, they would realize it’s actually against child rape and group sex. But even if people don’t research it, why should the views of one religion dictate the secular laws of our country? If a church doesn’t “agree” with gay marriage, then don’t perform the ceremony in your church. Why should your “religious convictions” prevent two people from committing their lives to each other and get the benefits of marriage (hospital visitation, estate inheritance, and yes, even tax benefits)? Their relationship has nothing to do with yours!

Other people’s marriages have no effect on someone else’s marriage– my marriage to my ex didn’t make someone from getting married, and my divorce didn’t make any of my friends or anyone else get divorce. My marriage decision and my decision to get a divorce was  a personal choice and effected me and only me. To say that the marriage of two people of the same-sex will affect anything about the sanctity of marriage or the definition of marriage or will ruin marriages in general is just bullshit. If saying that gay marriage will change marriage for the worse, then people who are “supporting traditional marriage” should be rallying against divorce and fighting to make that illegal. It’s hypocritical to say nothing about what heterosexuals are doing to marriage (50% divorce rate, in and outside of the church), but fight so hard against homosexuals getting married.

Speaking of “traditional marriage,” here’s a video that talks about how “traditional” marriage is:

Marriage’s purpose is not to procreate. It is a commitment between two people to create a life together and if children are part of their lives, then that is a personal decision between the two people in the relationship. I could go off about this part of the argument, but I’ll refer you to this post that sums up the flaws in this argument perfectly.

People have a right to love and marry who they want. If someone isn’t gay, they don’t need to marry someone of the same-sex. Simple as that. Allowing homosexual couples to marry and have ALL of the same rights as heterosexual couples will do nothing to the sanctity of marriage. I will fight openly (for the first time in my life) for the rights of people who are different from me only in who they choose to express their romantic love/affection to. They deserve the same rights to live their lives like they choose– not as outcasts, not as second-class citizens who are “civilly unioned”– I mean really, people only want to call it something different to make sure homosexual couples are continually reminded that they are “different.” I really don’t see what the big deal is to let them marry.

It is my hope that in my lifetime I hope for two things: One, that gay marriage will be allowed and recognized all over the country. And two, that we will look back on our country’s treatment of the GLBT community in the same shock and shame that we look back on the treatment of women, blacks, inter-racial marriage, etc. These people deserve our support. I will do all that I can to help raise awareness and support for this cause. There is NO REASON that homosexual couples should not be allowed to marry.

And because this video is awesome, I’m wanting to share it (beware of strong language…). Here is the site if you want to get a shirt or find out more information: http://fckh8.com/FCKH8.com/FCKH8.html