Hello my readers, if in fact any of you have stuck around a month after I promised to be back from my hiatus for the month of November.

These last couple of months have been a complete whirlwind. During November, I successfully wrote a 50,915-word novel! It was easier than it sounds, but it completely consumed my thoughts and time. I was able to celebrate it with my fellow NaNoWriMo writing buddy with a toast of champagne after we both “won” on November 30. I’ll post some excerpts of my novel on here to give you all a taste of my writing.

In December, my company finalized a billion-dollar deal– that was billion with a B! The tension in the office was extremely high leading up to it, and I worked overtime almost every night for two weeks. I even had to come in on a Saturday to help get things finished before we closed. We closed on Dec. 8, and the funniest thing was that had anyone come into our office not knowing the deal had gone down, you would have thought it just another Wednesday. No one was celebrating, no one was congratulating each other– NOTHING! It was so bizarre!

But with that closing came a huge bonus, that I was excited to spend on my family for Christmas. It was actually the thing I was most looking forward to when my boss told me the amount I was getting (Fruition and pedicures, here we come!!). Also with that bonus, I bought myself a NEW CAR! It’s a red Mini Cooper! I’m so excited and just want to go out and drive it around and pretend even more that I live in London! A funny little side story: As my mom (who came with me to get the car) and I were standing at the service desk giving my email address, I realized I had the premonition of getting a Mini Cooper all the way back in high school (or was it middle school…?) my email address starts with mini-… it’s a joke to the fact that I’m really short, but now it just looks like I’m completely obsessed with my car :-/ Oh well!

My life has finally calmed down a lot, so I can finally finish the blog-per-day I was attempting. I will hopefully pick that back up here in the next day or so. I hope you are all still reading and you didn’t feel abandoned 😉 I promise, I couldn’t even think about what groceries to buy, let alone what to write in a blog post these last couple of months!

How about all of you? How has your last month been?