Summer is officially over in Colorado… We went from 95 degrees and sunny for the high to 70 and overcast in one day. But I’m not complaining!

I love Colorado autumns. I know that the midwest and northeast have more colors in their trees than I can even imagine, but we don’t have the humidity they do, so I still think Colorado’s the best 🙂

I rest my case.

With the end of summer being signaled by Labor Day, I (of course) planned a party. Have I mentioned here that I completely LOVE planning parties? Well, if I haven’t, let me tell you now: oh my gosh do I love me some party-planning! I bombard The Roommate with about a dozen emails a day about what we want to serve, who is invited, what time, what day, new ideas on decorations, new ideas for food… she abhors planning parties, so it’s a good thing we’re roommates– I love planning and she loves hostessing!

It has been my goal this summer to perfect the art of cooking ribs, something I had never even tried before this summer. But we got a normal-sized grill when we moved in, so now it is actually possible for me to make them instead of trying to make them on a tailgate-sized grill. And because Costco ribs come 3 to a pack, it’s the perfect excuse to invite a bunch of people over to help us eat them!

My first attempt was for a kick-off summer bbq, and I made ribs with a Chipotle-Cherry BBQ Sauce— oh my gosh was the sauce delicious! The ribs were okay, but slightly dry. I had smoked them but they tasted yummy and smokey.

My second attempt was a 4th of July party (see? Parties all the time!). This was a family affair, and they were my worst batch yet. They were WAY overcooked but thankfully I had made the Chipotle BBQ sauce, so that sort of helped redeem them… but it was actually kind of embarrassing to serve them…

However, my latest attempt were perfectly cooked, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the sauce on them. Because I believe in first trying a recipe as-written and then make adjustments later, I used the Balsamic Glaze the recipe called for. I adored the cooking technique– fast and hot in the oven and then only a few minutes on the grill– I get impatient and kinda resent having to spend all freaking day monitoring ribs on the grill. So leaving them in the oven for 2 hours and being able to go and watch a movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon sounds way better!

(Can you believe I didn’t take ANY pictures from that party?? I must have been having too much fun!)

I made 4 racks of ribs for about 13 people. We ended up having one serving’s worth leftover, which is perfect! And the party with the 13 people? The BEST party we’ve had yet! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! People left the house saying “my face hurts from laughing.” To me, that is perfection. I’ve been throwing parties (not the “let’s all get drunk” kind that are popular with the college-age crowd) since college and every time, I wish and hope for a party like the one we had on Labor Day. Everyone got along, there were the people in the group who kept the jokes coming and everyone let the conversation flow easily and naturally, only pausing to catch our breath between jokes.

I hope to have many more parties that result in so many comment and compliments about a fun evening. I love bringing the people I like most together to intermingle and the fact that they actually all got along is amazing!

I love parties and I can’t wait to plan the next one…