January 2011

I don’t know if my cousin even knows I read her blog, but I was inspired by a recent post of hers and I thought I would do something similar on my blog. Most of the “year in review” posts that people do are kind of cliche and slightly boring (even though I read them all…). So, instead of giving you a wordy explanation of how 2010 was the ___ year ever, I’ll just give you an overview of how I spent my time and who I got to spend them with!


January - Celebrating my sister's birthday! The big 2-2!

February - My first vacation in four years! Girls cruise!!

March - (Belated) Birthday celebration with friends! Of course there was ice cream!

April - I LOVE Michael Buble!

May - My sister is a graduate!

June - Pridefest 2010 with my friend, both wearing condom necklaces! "Straight but not narrow"

June - I'm shorter than the Oompa-Loompa at the Winter Park Chocolate Festival!

July - Boating at Chatfield

August - The perks of working in oil and gas!

September - I'm a Colorado native and this was my first visit to the famous Maroon Bells!

September - Camping over Labor Day north of Silverthorn, CO

October - Sookie Stackhouse (from True Blood) with Autumn for Halloween





































































November - The most used words in my novel for NaNoWriMo! (Any guess what my main character's name is?)

December - Traditional Christmas tree cutting!

I’m going to totally cheat and use a playlist/cd I’ve already created. But in all fairness, it’s the most kick-ass playlist EVER! When I went through my divorce, music, and these songs in particular, got me through some of the toughest times. Some of you who read this already know most of this list, but there are some that I added after making the cd! So consider the extras like bonus tracks! Plus, if I link to something,  you can watch the videos of them, too!

There were songs that struck such a deep chord with me that I can’t ever listen to the song the same way again. So this playlist is dedicated for each and every person who has gone though heartbreak, lost who they were, and/or finally got the courage to kiss his/her sorry ass out the door.

Play on!

1) Feeling Good by Michael Buble – I even named my Freedom/Divorce Party after this song! This song is all about it being a new day and it’s full of new possibilities and hopes! “It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life for me! And I’m feelin’ good!” I still get all energized when I hear that song! Hearing it live was just icing on the already awesome cake!

2) Breathe by Anberlin – The entire song pretty much sums up my entire experience with my divorce. I learned so much since then that I “can’t return to who I was before.” It’s all about moving on and changing after a hard experience. Who hasn’t had one or two of those? (P.S. It’s a lyric video… sadly, Anberlin hasn’t made a video for this song)

3) Bye Bye by Jo Dee Messina – You just gotta have a no-longer-putting-up-with-his-shit song on there! And ain’t never lookin’ back! What a studette!

4) So What by Pink – It wasn’t until I really listened to this song that I realized she had the line “lost my husband… not gonna pay his rent.” It was then that I realized how empowering this song is. It’s about having the fighting power to not deal with him not valuing you and getting in people’s face if they mess with you. It’s actually a lot deeper than it initally sounds– It’s not just about going around fighting people. Listen to it and you’ll see what I mean. Also, the feeling of being better off without “him” around has never been so eloquently put 😉 Plus, if I could be a rock star, I’d totally be Pink! (This is probably my favorite song on the cd. My itunes says I’ve listened to this song at least 60 times…)

5) This is Your Life by Switchfoot – “This is your life. Are you who you wanna be?” I wasn’t the person I wanted to be when my ex and I split. This song opened my eyes.

6) Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child – Do I really need to explain? The title of the song pretty much says it all! The lyrics pretty much describe my existence– I bought my own clothes, my own jewelry, and even my new car! And I didn’t need a penny of “his” to make it happen!

7) Bigger Than My Body by John Mayer – This song is my life theme-song. Being short, I feel like a lot of people underestimate me, so the statement of being bigger than my body really resonates with me. Plus, it’s all about doing great things and being so much more than you already are!

8) More Than Fine by Switchfoot – Besides being incredibly reminicent to high school, this song became something of a mantra for me during my whole divorce. I worked my ass off in therapy to be “more than fine, more than just okay.” I wanted to be great! I wanted to be happy and fantastic and healthy and just fucking awesome! Unfortunately, Switchfoot didn’t add that last part to their song… (P.S. Another lyric only video)

9) My Give a Damn’s Busted by Jo Dee Messina – I actually had to explain this song to more than one person as to why it was on my cd in the first place. This song is all about being tired of “give me one more chance.” It’s about being over it, over their excuses, their lies– everything. The part of you that gives a damn about them, their happiness, their apologies… it’s all gone!

10) How I’m Doin’ by Dierks Bentley – Country sure does have the best breakup songs, don’t they? This one’s no exception. It’s all about doing fantastic after someone crushed you! That’s the best revenge!

11) Boston by Augustana – It’s a song about starting over in a new place.  I can’t tell you how many times, even still, that I have fantasized about packing up everything I own and moving to a completely new place, if not a new country– to start a new life where no one knows you and you don’t know them.

12) Survivor by Destiny’s Child – Listen to the lyrics… they’re exactly my experience! I was/am stronger without my ex than I ever could have been! I work hard every day to be the best version of myself. I’m a survivor of a toxic relationship, and I am stronger because of it! Also, I wasn’t about to let the fact that my marriage fell apart crush me. I was going to grow from it and let it be the motivation I needed to never make a mistake like that again.

13) White Horse by Taylor Swift – I’ll try to stay off my soap box about “needing” a man to come rescue you on a white horse, but this song is all about letting that illusion fade and realize that life is messy and there is no white horse and no magical formula to live happily ever after.

14) My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne – “So much for my happy ending” is what I felt when everything fell apart. This song is also the story of our relationship– thought we were perfect for each other, but it turned out to be a complete facade.

15) Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson – “Since you been gone, I can breathe for the first time” was the feeling of relief when he moved out, and we finally filed our papers. It was over. He was gone. And once October 19 rolled around, I really never had to deal with him ever again. Never ever again.

What songs would you add to this list? Do you have playlists of your own that have deeper meaning than just being your favorite songs?