One thing that I have not really had to deal with in the past is whether or not I have someone to go to “social” things with– movies, plays, parties, work functions, etc. I’ve usually had someone, even if it was a first date, to go do those things with. But right now I am very much single, so there is no one on the line to drag with me.

I should clarify that I learned my lesson quickly about bringing an actual date to work parties… To avoid the questions of new dates at every company function, thankfully my sister is a willing “date”– the free (and delicious) food and booze is usually a strong draw.

Movies can be dealt with by just waiting for it to come out on dvd.

But plays are a very different dilemma. There is no dvd to wait for. It’s now or never.

I was able to go see “Spring Awakening” a few years ago because a meet-up group was going, so I didn’t have to attend alone. (P.S. I highly recommend going to see this play– it was so incredibly moving).

But this time I have no meet-up group and I have no date to go with me to see Lion King.

It’s in Denver for a limited time, so I had a choice to make– go by myself or not go at all.

Being a somewhat defiant “I don’t need no man” woman, I marched over to the Denver Center for Performing Arts (DCPA) and bought myself one ticket. Even though it was starting in a week, getting only one ticket was a genius plan because I managed to snag a pretty excellent seat– if I had a date, I would have had to buy a ticket for a Tuesday night in the very back of the top balcony. Which, for the DCPA, still is a pretty decent seat. The people just look a lot smaller. But, because I was by myself, I could choose the best seat and not worry about getting a second seat next to me.

It’s kind of a revolution for me to go to this play solo. Only if my sister isn’t working that night will I have someone to go to dinner with me. But because she doesn’t know if she’s available, I’m planning a solo night on the town.

I’m strangely okay with going alone to this.

I enjoy going to the theater and I can’t have my relationship status determine what I can/can’t do. If I’m going to be okay during the in-between times of having a guy in my life, I need to continue to do the things I love to do. And going to a play by myself is just one example of that.

Going to Spain by myself taught me that there is no shame in going or doing things alone. I enjoyed museums and monuments more than I would have if I had someone by my side. I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted to do it.

Along that line of thinking, I will probably enjoy myself more at the play than if I had a date. I can focus and pay attention more to my dinner and to the play and not worry about whether or not the guy is truly enjoying himself or if he’s just saying that to please me.

But who am I kidding? I’d love to have a date to the theater because I think that is the all-time best date. However, just because there is no one on my arm, I can still go and enjoy myself immensely.