It’s a consistant discussion between The Roommate and I about how difficult it is to make friends as an adult. When you’re in school, whether grade-school or college, you’re constantly in class with people and there is an air of “let’s all be friends and hang out,” so making friends is pretty seamless.

However, when you reach adulthood and start working 8-5 in some corporate job, friends just aren’t as easy to come by. Most people go to work, go home and don’t spend much time away from either of those places. Yes, you can meet and spend time with coworkers, but building a friend base outside of work is a lot more difficult.

It’s situations like this where I envy my sister the most. She seems to have an endless supply of friends and people to spend the evening with. She and I differ in the quality vs. quantity view of friendships, but at least she’s not sitting at home on a Friday night alone because all 3 of her friends are busy…

My friend who ran the Warrior Dash with me  moved to Phoenix for 3 months and it’s bringing to light just how few friends I spend time with on a regular basis. It’s nights like this last Saturday night that really motivate me to go out and make more friends. I have a core group of extremely close, “I know they’ll be there when I need it because they’ve proven that they will” friends, but I can’t rely on them to be my entire social life. I fear to be like Amy Farrah Fowler on “Big Bang Theory” a few weeks ago– begging Penny to not make her leave because Amy’s entire social life is dependent on Penny.

I’m a social person and I love planning events and get-togethers, but actually finding the people to spend time with can sometimes be the hindrance to a fun(er) night. But when I can’t find people to hang out with, nothing motivates me more to actually read the emails coming from and go to networking happy hours.

I guess I get down about my friends every once in a while because I have a very different version of what I want my life and friends look like in my head than it is like in reality. I wish my phone was ringing off the hook with invitiations from people to hang out or a calendar full of social engagements that I didn’t have to plan all of. I love my current friends and when I actually go out and meet new people, it can be really fun. I just wish it was as seamless as it is in elementary school to make friends.

I guess I just have to take my own advice and step out of my comfort zone and continue to try and make new friends just like I keep going out to find dates. Wish me luck!