I have an official announcement to make:

The majority of men are cowards.

Even at the age of 36, a man can still treat the end of a relationship like some awkward 16 year-old. Seriously, A? Stopping talking is your M.O.? I would have thought after all this time you would have come up with some new strategy that isn’t popular with teenagers the world over… but being 36 and single–never married or engaged (and possibly never even lived with someone)– should have told me that one…

Also, I think I  have a case of the jinx.

Next time I start going on and on about a new relationship and how this one is different than all the others that have preceded it… stop me.

The minute I start talking about how great a guy is, what potential he has, he goes and does the exact opposite of what I’ve been talking about and proves, yet again, that I talked too soon.


On to the next.