As I mentioned in Part 2, I spent the next day recovering from “being sick.”

When we got back to A’s house, I was so hungry I could have eaten my arm. I’d had about 1/4 of a burger at Cruisers because we (being the guys) spent too long getting ready that we ran out of time to get a real dinner and 2 burgers were shared between 6 people… We all ate pizza when we got back to A’s and then A and I went into his room. We then were up until 4am…

Our connection and attraction is/was through the roof. We spent a lot of our time just staring at each other. I never thought I’d find someone who fit my “type” so exact. I thought I had this unattainable image of someone in my head, but here he was, laying next to me, wanting to be with me!

After sending a vague “not feeling well” text to my boss, I was able to get a few hours of sleep. We all finally got up around 10am and ate breakfast. I was invited to go to Water World with all the guys, and since sunshine and water are good things for health, it was just what the doctor ordered!

We spent the day at Water World, the guys talking me into going down scary slides (I’m pathetic when it comes to resisting peer pressure), and getting just enough sun to not be noticeably different the next day at work– the last thing I needed was a really good tan to give my “sick day” away.

I couldn’t keep my hands off A all day. I just couldn’t help myself! He was all wet and tan and toned—how could I not want to touch him constantly?

Over the next few days, A and I texted and called non-stop. The weekend came and we spent a majority of it together. His friends were still in town, so I got to know them more as well. They’ve all been friends since high school, so the commitment level and loyalty among that group of men is pretty admirable.

Speaking of that loyalty, A was still feeling uneasy about Mr. Dad not knowing the full extent of what was going on between us. He finally called Mr. Dad and told him about us– apparently it was no surprise to Mr. Dad that A was pursuing me since he was pretty up front/obvious about his attraction to me.

Since then we’ve been texting every day and hanging out at least once a week. I have a difficult time pacing myself when I like someone, so I’m having to refrain from calling him at every free moment to see if he’s available.

Not only do I think he’s drop-dead gorgeous, I also feel like A and I are so compatible. We have the same tastes in music, in food, similar backgrounds, almost identical views on life and how life should be lived. But there’s enough of a difference (age difference being a big one… did I mention he’s 36?) in our lives that we can talk and teach and expose each other to so many new and different things. He makes me laugh and we can carry a conversation with complete ease. So far, I’m really into him (as if I needed to clarify that).

I like him, he likes me. It’s that simple. I don’t need to know where this is headed (at least not today), and I don’t need to stress myself out about the content of a text message. I can enjoy the time I spend with A, and feel secure in the fact that I see him taking time out of his life to spend time with me, and I fit him in when I can. I need to just let myself enjoy the now and not worry so much about the future. It’s been just about a month, so right now all I need to do is enjoy the time we spend together and the intensity of his kisses.

I’m still trying to navigate the don’t-dive-head-first-but-don’t-be-stand-off-ish waters, but I feel like I’m doing an okay job so far. I just need to tell myself to chill the f*ck out and enjoy myself!

And enjoy myself I do!