On my first date with Mr. Dad, we did a group-date thing. At first I wondered why he didn’t have the guts to go out with me just one-on-one, but after we got there, I realized it was a genius idea! It takes the pressure off trying to find something to talk about just the two of you, and it’s more of a group conversation. So if it’s ever an option, I’d highly recommend it as a first-date technique!

I brought my friend, D, and he brought his friend, A. Now, I should tell you, the reason I agreed to give Mr. Dad my number was because he was hott. Yes, I’m that shallow. However, when we walked up, I noticed that his friend, A, was even hotter!

I have a very consistent “type” that I am always attracted to (although I’ve dated only one other person who even remotely fit my “type” so I’m also not discriminating…). I go weak at the knees for a guy who has dark skin/complexion, dark hair, and extra bonus-points if his hair is curly. Think Alcide from True Blood… rowr!

I tell you this because A fit that description to a T. Needless to say, no matter how the date turned out, D and I were going to enjoy the eye-candy at the table with us! The date went well, but only after the fact did I realize the “group conversation” was mostly between me and A, not me and Mr. Dad. I let it slide because I was interested to see where things were going to go with Mr. Dad (little did I know what his nickname would turn out to be…).

Because of my budding relationship with Mr. Dad, I began to hang out with his friends (including A) even when Mr. Dad wasn’t in town. I went to Denver Cruisers with his friends every Wednesday and spent those evenings chatting with A, getting to know him on a strictly friends-only basis.

A small crush started to develop for A. I told D (who had absolutely no interest in him from the date) and The Roommate about the crush, but brushed it off as nothing. But the next weekend, when Mr. Dad was in town and we all went out to a club, I realized I wished I was dancing with A, not with Mr. Dad…

That weekend was when Mr. Dad’s secret was revealed. I ended things with him (obviously!), I continued to hang out with his friends. They all live here in Denver, and I really enjoyed going to Cruisers with them… and was hoping something would develop with A… but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

But little did I know, A was praying I wouldn’t stop hanging out with them either 🙂

More to come…