My roommate watched this video and then convinced me to embark on a 30-day challenge journey… we then thought, why not do this EVERY month? Oh my gosh, we are not good for each other some times!

August is the start of our first 30-day challenge. We both chose something that would be challenging, but not a form of punishment. When discussing ideas, my roommate had to remind me constantly that “this isn’t lent! It’s a challenge, not torture!” So I finally decided, hey, why not try being a vegetarian for 30 days?

You guys, it’s only the third day and I can’t stop thinking about a big juicy burger… Okay, technically it’s only the second day because I totally had chicken on my pizza two days ago and it never occurred to me that it was “forbidden.” So it’s been just over 48 hours and I’m already faltering. I’m thinking my definition of torture needs to change…

I eat a ton of meat, though, so it’s a good exercise in seeing what other foods are out there. And not all meat– I love me some beef and pork. (Can I just point out that those two sentences are ripe for “that’s what she said” jokes? Okay, moving on.) Chicken is boring as hell and I’ll eat fish every now and then (sushi = yummy!), but I’ll ALWAYS choose beef– more specifically, burgers– over almost all other foods.

Instead of realizing just how many meals I eat on a regular basis that just so happen to not contain any meat (ie pizza, most pastas, etc), I instead gaze fondly at the lists of food that have piles of meat and fish!

But this will be a good exercise in discipline. If nothing else, it will show me just how yummy other foods are and to branch outside of my normal eating and food-ordering habits. For example, I plan on going to Chipotle in the next few days to try their veggie burrito– I ALWAYS get their steak burrito (big surprise!), so it’ll be an interesting change of pace to try something else on their menu. You mean they have something other than steak or chicken as an option? Who knew!

Wish me luck on this weird, self-induced journey I’m embarking on.

Is it August 31 yet? πŸ™‚