Okay, my new (and some old) friends, I need your insight/input and maybe even your personal experiences with a current dilemma I’m having:

I have been dating this guy for the last few weeks– I met him when he walked up to my table at lunch and started talking to me. With how random our meeting was, we’ve surprisingly hit it off– we have a lot in common and there is definitely chemistry there 😉

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way about a guy– my roommate has been making fun of me with how giggly and excited I get when talking about him. I believe the word to describe my feelings is twitterpated. I’m falling hard and fast for this guy, which is a whole different issue in and of itself, but I can’t help but look to the future…

The more I get my heart involved in this relationship, the more vulnerable I feel. I hate being vulnerable, so my feelings for this guy are making me freak out a little bit. But if I keep my emotions in check and my daydreams away from the sound of wedding bells, I should be fine.

Regardless of how much of a connection and chemistry there is, there is a BIIIIIIG problem with the relationship– he lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota… and I live in Denver, Colorado (a 14 hour car ride or $200 plane ticket away). So to add insult to injury, not only do I have to deal with my surfacing insecurities about letting myself truly fall for a guy, but I also have to deal with the prospect of a long-distance relationship. He comes to Denver about every other week– he has friends who live out here, which is how I met him in the first place– but I’m not sure that’s enough for me.

We text every day, talk on the phone every few days, but it’s just not the same. It doesn’t seem like he’s eager to move to Colorado any time soon, and I sure as hell don’t want to move to Minnesota (seriously, humidity? YUCK!). So tell me, am I taking this too seriously and should just enjoy it when he comes to town and forget the long-distance thing? Should I turn and run and not even be involved with him because it’s long-distance? Or is there some possibility that this could actually work out, regardless of it being long-distance?

Please help me, friends! I’ve never dealt with this before… What’s a love-struck girl to do?

*Update: This issue is no longer a pressing concern. The revelation of the existence of 3 kids kind of put a damper on the relationship… fun times! However, I’d still love to hear anyone’s insight about this topic!