The Roommate and I have traveled similar paths in regards to relationships (although she had the smarts to NOT get married/divorced from a total loser), so we talk a lot about our experiences and compare notes. We talk about dating and relationships constantly.

During one of these not-so-rare discussions about first dates, The Roommate posed this question to me: at the end of a date, what is the one thing that you always will have brought up or mention, no matter what?

Hers was that she always would mention that she’s a pretty hard-core feminist. While she and I share similar views on that topic, I realized I’ve NEVER had that come up in conversation on a first date, or even the first few for that matter.

Instead, I stay to the one topic that I can (and do) talk about for hours: food. I will ALWAYS talk about food– my love of it, my passion of cooking it, and my experiences at various restaurants. I will always talk about food even if we’re not eating, and even if the date is going terribly.

Food is my comfort. It’s my passion. It’s such a dynamic topic– cooking, baking, regional/ethnic food variations, traveling, wine, restaurants… the list just goes on and on and on.

With how many different men I’ve dated, the one trait that is so incredibly important to me is a passion about food. If when I mention shallots, or crème brûlée, they better be able to keep up in the conversation! They don’t necessarily need to be good cooks (although major bonus points if they do!), but to know and appreciate good food is an absolute must!

The Roommate and I have an ever-growing list of the different restaurants we want to try in and around Denver. I read food blogs, email recipes back and forth with my mom and The Roommate, and I will plan my nights around what’s for dinner. If a guy can’t keep up with that and appreciate it on the same level as me, I honestly don’t know if the relationship can continue– because, believe me, I’ve tried and it’s hard to get someone motivated to go to a fine-dining restaurant when they’re content eating turkey sandwiches for every meal…

So, What about you? What is the one thing that you will always mention on a first date?