I’ve been doing some career-soul-searching lately, and I realized something today when I was reading a book on what to do next with my life. What has been missing, what I desire for work and for everything that I do, is SIGNIFICANCE.

I want my work to mean something. My job as an admin is only significant in that the VP of Land doesn’t have to worry about printing out his own projects. My significance in my job is per project, not necessarily in the functioning and success of my company. The company would still function if our office manager answered the phones, did all the ordering of food and supplies.

I should clarify that I have worked extremely hard over the last three years at my job to build up the projects and responsibilities that I have within the different departments. I’ve proven myself to be a hard and meticulous worker who will do things right and ask the right questions to get things done well.

I look with envy into our war room in our office at the people who are in there for various meetings. They are helping make decisions, they are listened to by the higher-ups in the company, they tell the president of the company what decisions to make. I’m lucky if I can reserve a car for one of our VP’s upcoming trips to Texas.

I know an admin job is not one of central importance or a role that people will ask my opinion on where to drill– I haven’t been trained in that, and I have no reason to be in those meetings… however…

I want to be significant.

I want to be someone who is not just in the background, getting miscellaneous projects done so other people don’t have to, but someone who people rely on, look to, and RESPECT! I want to play a central role, even if that central role is an assistant role– I’m actually an excellent assistant! But I’d like to know that my work really does have significance to the overall success and value of the company/organization.

I’m still searching and reflecting on what I’m wanting out of work and my job, because I get the sense of meaning by volunteering with various organizations, so I don’t necessarily need to change the world with my job… I just want to leave a lasting impact on my job and the people I work with and interact with.

Is that too much to ask??