I grew up around alcohol, with parents who were deliberate about exposing me and my sister to drinking for the enjoyment, not to get drunk. So alcohol has never been the “forbidden fruit,” because my parents would let us taste what they were drinking– whether wine, liquor, etc. Most of the time, I made a sour-lemon face (I wear my thoughts/feelings on my face), so that also helped to deter me away from drinking like a fish later in life.

I’m a total lightweight– duh! considering I only weigh 95 pounds. But I also am extremely sensitive to alcohol. I’ve gotten better at not getting sick any time I have more than 2 drinks in a night, but I still could never “get wasted.” I also don’t like the feeling of being drunk, so that is never my end goal– getting drunk, or even tipsy, comes as a surprise to me since I’m drinking for the enjoyment, not necessarily the buzz.

I do have a favorite drunk story, however, because it completely embodies my experience with alcohol. About 95% of the time, if I drink too much, I won’t get drunk, I’ll get sick. It’s quite pathetic, I know. However, I went to a friend’s housewarming party, all in the hopes of making new friends and experiencing new things. There was alcohol everywhere! Throughout the night, I had 2 (very strong) jello-shots, a margarita, and some beer in a game of flip-cup. For most people, that’s not a lot of alcohol, but man oh man, it hit me unexpectedly like a ton of bricks. One minute I was totally fine and completely drunk the next! I went and sat down on a chair and tried to get my eyes to focus on the floor, but the floor wouldn’t stop moving. It then dawned on me that I was drunk… and more importantly, I was drunk and wasn’t getting sick in the bathroom. It was actually one of the most exciting moments of my life. BUT there was no one there who could appreciate what an accomplishment not getting sick from alcohol was– I only knew two people at the party, and at the time were not good enough friends to share the moment with. My excitement had to wait until the next day where I could call people who could appreciate my accomplishment from the night before.

Am I a cheap date or what? 🙂