Except that I live in the wrong city for this to be actually possible, I could definitely live without my car. I love taking public transportation– except for that one time I got on the wrong bus and I ended up sitting next to the creepiest guy I’ve ever seen and got dropped off somewhere random on Colfax… not a good afternoon…

Every time I ride the lightrail, I pretend I’m on the Tube in London and I’m a totally chic, young professional riding it to some awesome job in the city. I’m thrown back into reality when I’m stuffed on the lightrail with a bunch of obnoxious college students from the community college. If it wasn’t potentially dangerous, I’d even take the bus to work. I live 7 minutes away from my office, so a bus ride would be so simple. It’s a good idea except for the fact that I live only 2 blocks away from Colfax and I would fear getting mugged, raped, or stalked every single time I got off the bus. Being a cute young woman in a very urban setting is not the ideal situation to wander home when it’s dark out.

But if I lived in a city with exceptional/reliable (or more readily accessible) public transportation, I would totally not own a car. Traffic brings out the worst road-rage in me, and it’s just so convenient to not have to worry about driving or traffic or parking or even getting your car broken into (has happened to me… yet another example of me living in an urban setting).

I never minded riding the bus or the lightrail, and I would do it again if I lived close to the lightrail or didn’t live so close to Colfax. Do you know how many books I was able to read when I took public transportation? I was going through books like crazy! I miss having that 30-45 minutes each way to sit and read and get some “me” time. Plus, I got to see friends on the lightrail every morning (shout out to Nathan!). When I drive, I just park and have to walk to work by myself… how boring.

However, I have to mention, that although I could live without my car, I do enjoy it. I love driving! You know that sense of freedom when you fill up your car with a full tank of gas and get on the highway? “I could just start driving down I-70 and be in California by (whatever time) tonight.” I love that feeling… although have never done anything about it.

But if I had to or could (if I lived somewhere else), I could easily give up my car. But unfortunately Denver is behind the times in regards to good public transportation. So me and my car (whether my reliable Honda or my eventual Mini Cooper) are going to have a nice long life together.