Kevin Max–

It’s actually a bit surreal that writing a letter to a musical artist is one of my topics because I have wanted to write you a letter ever since your music brought me out of a dark time in my life. I have loved you ever since your days with DC Talk. Your voice and poetry are so hypnotic. As soon as you went solo, I instantly bought your cd. I think I wore out your cd, listening to it over and over again.

When I was in high school, I went through some really hard times– friends stopped talking to me, I broke up with the first love of my life, and felt completely abandoned by the people I had spent years developing relationships with. It was your cd that I listened to when I was feeling down, when I felt like no one else understood me.

Your song “Dead End Moon” spoke what I was feeling– that I was tired of crying and being sad about the things going on in my life. I didn’t want to stay in a sad or angry place any more. I would sit and listen to your song, tears streaming down my face as I tried pushing the sadness away. “I don’t wanna cry no more” became my mantra. That song taught me that I was better than just another hormonal teenager who had been abandoned by her friends. Being depressed did not define me. I was the only one who could “find a cure” for the sadness that had taken residence in my heart. Happiness wouldn’t just come to me– I had to work for it and seek it out. My friends were not going to magically come around and ask for forgiveness.  I was/am better than that. I deserved more than that.

Which led me to absolutely devour your song, “Be,” a song all about being true to yourself and your purpose in life. The chorus: “Be, be yourself / There’s no one who does it quite like you / Be, no one else / Cause if you don’t then who is going to” continues to play in the back of my mind even this many years later as I continue to grow and develop into the woman I was meant to be. To desire to be like someone else because they’re cooler, prettier, sexier, more outgoing than I am completely negates the reality that I bring something to the table. And even more so, how boring would it be if everyone was the same? I strive to be true to myself at all times– to not let go of who I am, to walk proudly in my own shoes.

I don’t listen to much (or any) Christian music any more… except for yours. Your  messages penetrate beyond some religious experience or relationship. Your lyrics hit to the core of people. I can’t listen to your cd “Stereotype Be” without becoming nostalgic. Your cd is my personal soundtrack to the last year of high school for me. I adore your music and your poetry that you bring into it. It’s not just music– it’s a connection. And it’s because of that connection that I was able to withstand some of the hardest, darkest times of my life.

I know you don’t know who I am, but I thank you for helping give me a focus and a purpose to my life.

I’ll love your music forever,


P.S. I can’t find a video for either song, but here’s a video of another great song: