My first response when I read the subject of today’s (well, technically Saturday’s) post, I thought “my height.” And then I realized it said “compliment” not “comment,” so that idea went down the drain 🙂

What I seem to get the most compliment on is my cooking. Cooking and baking are a passion of mine, and come practically second-nature to me. Being AME (At Mother’s Elbow) educated, most (if not all) of my cooking experience comes from helping and watching my mom cook or bake. She’s the one who gave me my first chefs knife and taught me how to make spaghetti carbonara without completely ruining it… a disastrous roommate dinner proved help was needed!

But I feel like I’ve come a long way since my sophomore-in-college days and have learned to make quite a few dishes by heart. As I said in a previous post, flavors and quality are important to me, but even more important than those is the community that food brings. Because I value friendship and relationship, my first instinct for people is to make them dinner. I love having people over and serving them a delicious dinner. And as a result, they are exposed to deeper flavors and an experience with food that most of the people I am friends with aren’t used to.

Because of the food that I make for myself and others, I have gotten the reputation of quality food. I end up intimidating others, which is not what I want from cooking for others, but I then take great pride in the food that I put out in front of others. I take the time to research recipes, plan and know how to cook/prepare something correctly. I can’t tell you how completely embarrassed I get when food doesn’t turn out right. Most time the other people eating it can’t tell anything is off/wrong because it still looks or tastes just fine, but I spend the entire meal being  upset about that it wasn’t as good as it should have been.

My hard work and research pays off for me and for others when it comes to good food. They get a delicious meal and I get people coming back for more! Food is community and eating a good meal is an experience unlike anything else in life!