Well then! From sentimental to irate… I like it 🙂 I’ll skip the obvious answer and figure out someone else to talk about. Hmmm… My first answer would be someone who could greatly affect my employment status if they were to find anything I’d publicly written about them on the internet, so I’ll refrain from going into detail about that one.

So that leaves me with only one more answer. It’s a bit obscure, but I’m not one to follow the strict rules about this stuff, so I’ll just go with it. The “thing” that has made my life hell is my mind. I let my mind sit with itself and instead of being productive and happy, it sits and stews about the worst things, making me depressed, anxious, worried, etc. What starts out as a small inkling turns itself into the most twisted, obscure, life-altering scenario. Granted, some things are that big, but not everything.

And that’s what my mind does– it makes everything into a make or break situation. I even had this happen a few months ago with the guy I’m dating . What started as a fear that he’ll never move out of his mom’s house turned into a “I have to break up with him tomorrow because he’s never going to move, he’s co-dependent, and if I continue dating him, only the worst will happen!” Thankfully my rational side finally spoke up and I realized I was projecting my fear on him and I needed to give him a chance to prove himself.

But my mind plays these games with me and plays through every scenario possible, which in turn, makes my life miserable! Instead of thinking happy thoughts at work, I’m bogged down with negativity and sadness. I can even feel my facial expressions reacting to my thought processes.

I need to find a balance. I can’t let my emotional side take over because I’ll be a nervous wreck, but I also can’t close myself completely because then I’m an emotionless robot. But my mind is my own worst enemy, and if I could just not let it run wildly out of control (and it doesn’t help that I constantly add fuel to the fire), my mind and I could get along so much better!