This is a lot harder than my last post to think of, because my answer that I would have thought I would answer with has already happened…

Okay, this might seem like a strange, and possibly shallow, answer, but for those of you who view food the way I do, you’ll completely agree. One thing I hope I never have to do is to not be able to eat the flavorful foods that I love. Food is my life. I LOVE food. I’m a total food-snob and when it comes to eating bad food, whether it’s been prepared poorly or it’s from a “bad” restaurant, I have the hardest time convincing myself to keep eating. I literally lose my appetite if the food is bad.

There is nothing worse than putting food in your mouth and all you want to do is spit it out. And then, because life is cruel, you have to keep eating it so you don’t hurt any feelings (well, if it’s being served to you by a host). I’ve been in those situations before, and especially being served inedible food at someone’s home is the most uncomfortable, excruciating experience! I tend to think of myself as a polite guest and will eat whatever I’m served, but my downfall is that I tend to wear my emotions on my face and if people are watching, they’ll for sure know what I’m thinking.

I feel so bad when this happens! I want to be a good guest! I want to enjoy the food, even if it’s not 5-star restaurant quality. But thanks, mom, for spoiling me! And our family friends! All of you are to blame! I grew up around good food, and people who valued flavor and texture and experience. I’ve never been served any sort of casserole or “surprise” from any of them. And I know for a fact that when I am going to be served food from any of them, I will leave with a full belly and a smile on my face!

There’s even another example where my food-snottiness got me into some serious trouble. I did a cleanse with a group of friends a few years ago, and the stipulations were that we couldn’t eat any fat, oils, white flour, no dairy, and no sugar… they should have just killed me right then and there to save me the whole experience. Oh, and I should mention this was supposed to go on for 10 DAYS! I did it, because everyone else was doing it (yes, I’m useless when it comes to conformity and peer pressure). After 6 days, I’d eaten a cracker with dry tuna on it, some salmon by itself, and a few things of fruit. Needless to say, I lost 7 pounds in 6 days. And if you know me or have ever seen a picture of me, I don’t have 7 pounds to lose! I looked like a skeleton! I was so hungry because the food was just too boring and dry to be enjoyable, so I wasn’t eating it. I needed flavor and a balance of textures. Everything was dry and flavorless. It was disgusting, so instead of cheating on the cleanse, I just didn’t eat. Yeah, thankfully my parents were there to talk some sense into me that I didn’t even need the cleanse in the first place and I could quit the cleanse 4 days early and start eating normally again. I don’t eat poorly to begin with, and I didn’t really have any “toxins” to rid my body of with this cleanse. Yeah, I really need to work on that peer-pressure stuff…

So, all that to say, please, for the love of food, please never take good food away from me! I can’t manage life without quality flavors and delicious food!